Service and Maintenance

An experienced and high qualified team of technicians offers:

Inspection and Testing of existing fire protection systems. Frequencies of inspections are determined by the specification to which the system is designed. Writech can offer weekly, monthly, quarterly & biannual inspections.

Emergency Call

The Company offers a 24hr call out service and all Service Technicians will be available 24 hours 7 days per week.


It is important to note that the commissioning of fire sprinkler systems is only completed by experienced personnel who have undergone appropriate training on the system being commissioned.
All commissioning of fire sprinkler systems is completed by the Writech Service and maintenance team.
The new installation will be itemised by assets and for each asset, our team of technicians will inspect and test same to ensure that it is working as designed and that all results are recorded for customer handover.

Please contact our service department at for further information.