To change is to IMPROVE, to change often is to PERFECT!

Developing the skills of our people is our priority. Improving process-changing procedures to improve safety, to eliminate waste and make working in our roles easier, is our main goal. Writech is a amalgamation of differing skills; electricians, mechanics, pipe fitters, accountants, administrators, mechanical engineers, architects and quantity surveyors. All these skills blend together to strive to build the best possible service and quality fire protection systems. We want to be the best at what we do and to do that we need the best people with the best skills using the best systems and tools available.

What we do

Engineering & Design


Our design department will work with you and for you to develop a fire protection system that will provide the best protection for your premises or manufacturing plant. Using industry-leading 3D software, our systems will be designed and calculated to the highest quality.


We are proud of our past, but we’re focused on the future. We use our experience to lead innovative solutions for fire detection, prevention and protection. Our solutions include an innovative Hand Held servicing app, a bespoke BIM system and a revolutionary Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Cart. All driven from internal feedback to our innovation department.


Our engineers are the world’s leading technicians in the fire protection industry. We pride ourselves on delivering your vision. We’re certified by the Bre (LPCB) and FIRAS and have accreditations in ISO 9001:2015 and 45001 so whatever form your vision takes – we’ll build it.

What we do


Strategic planning

The project team will work with you to develop an installation plan and deliver precise timelines for your project. The engineers will receive these designs via a pre-programmed native app which is stored securely in the Writech Cloud. These designs will include site drawings, RAMS’ and specifications on your project.


Using our very experienced, directly employed installation teams, they will work with your team to fully install the highest quality system as safe as possible in the shortest possible time. Our goal is to disrupt your production as little as possible. Each Fire Protection system will be designed and installed in line with your chosen international standard. If that is IS EN12845, LPCB Rules, NFPA, VdS or FM Global. We can tailor a system that will offer you the best protection for you.


Writech have developed its own internal iPad Application to guide our Service Technicians through the very detailed commissioning expectations of many of the world’s largest Datacenter, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing sites.

Writech will develop a bespoke commissioning script that will ensure your new fire protection system is set at its optimum level.

What we do


Planned Maintenance

The end to end service starts with a rigorous series of planning sessions. We configure these meetings to gather your project needs and align our designers and engineers with your vision.


Post-installation, our work will undergo a rigorous testing period by qualified professionals from our Writech Service and maintenance team. Each aspect of the installation will be inspected and itemized by our technicians to ensure continued compliance and quality.


Writech prides itself on quality of service. We offer a 24hr call out service and our engineers are available 7 days a week. We also  offer as standard a weekly, monthly, quarterly or biannually service to ensure ongoing performance.

A culture of change and improvement

We believe to adapt is to thrive. We embrace change from clients, employees and the wider industry. We’re determined to lead the industry with cutting edge technology propelled by this change.

Internationally Certified

  • LPCB
  • FGR
  • BSI