Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our team has experience in manufacturing, storage and all types of installations in a wide range of facilities, Industries, Data Centres, Warehousing and residential.

Installation – Parts, Pressure testing & flushing of all new sprinkler mains installation

Fire Sprinkler Flushing

Inspection of Installation Control Valve (ICV)

Installation of a new innovative hi-fog sprinkler (Mist System)

Inspection and Testing of Pumphouse Installation.

Inspection and Testing of the Firepump Reservoir.

Testing and setting live of sprinkler systems in live electrical rooms in high-security areas

Inspection And Testing of Dry and Alternative Valves

Drain Down & Refill Procedure Fire Sprinkler Systems

Tests used for duplicates extension to the sprinkler and hydrant system

Fire Sprinkler System – Sprinkler Test – Video